7 Yoga Postures to Help Your Hair

7 Yoga Postures to Help Your Hair

The vast benefits of Yoga are not hidden from our eyes. Whether it is skincare, mental health or physical health, Yoga stands on the top. When talking about beauty and Yoga, it is not just limited to your face. Performing Yoga might also help you in improving the quality of your hair.

Just the way Yoga is getting fame for being effective for weight-loss, it is also getting fame for enhancing hair growth. Most of the people who have issues with their hair go for Yoga to strengthen their hair.

Various Yoga poses help you out in various types of hair issues. Yoga might enhance hair growth, lessens hair loss, give it a natural shine or improve its quality. All you have to start with is a Yoga mat. Take deep breaths and have a positive mindset.

In this article, we have covered 7 of the Best Yoga Asanas that would help your hair in the least time possible.

Downward facing dog pose

Yoga Postures to Help Your Hair

Originally this posture is known as Adho mukha savasnana. This Yoga asana is one of the postures of the sun salutation (pranayam). This posture has varied benefits in reducing stress, depression and insomnia. It targets down your back, head and sinus area.

The science behind the fact that this pose helps in improving your hair is quite simple. While performing this Yoga, your head is bent down for a few minutes. At that time, the blood starts to flow back into your head. This process helps regenerate scalp and hair follicles.

This Yoga Asana stimulates the circulation of blood in your head, which in turn strengthens your hair follicles. In this way, it helps in the process of hair regrowth.


  • Spread a yoga mat on the ground. Your knees and palms should be on the Yoga mat.
  • Rise your feet up towards the ceiling. While doing so, press your legs backward. Your body should form an inverted V shape.
  • Your knees and arms should be straight as much as possible. Make sure that your abdomen is pushed in the inward direction.
  • Your head should be bent down, and your gaze should be fixed on your navel.

Take deep breaths. Inhale and exhale in the same position. Hold the posture for 5 deep breaths.


Headstand Yoga

This pose is commonly known as Headstand and infamously as Sirsana. Just like the other Yogas, this too improves blood circulation, which in turn helps in reducing hair loss. Balding or thinning of hairs is a common issue among both men and women. Alongside this, the pose is also great in preventing the premature greying of your hair. This Asana makes your hair regrow.

The concept is quite simple to understand. The position is upside-down, which makes the hair follicles reach their maximum growth. And it also improves their capacity to grow, which in turn improves hair growth.


  • Get on the Yoga mat. Start by kneeling down.
  • Bend your head downwards towards the floor while keeping your fingers interlocked.
  • Support the top of your head with the help of your interlocked fingers.
  • Slowly raise your legs up towards the ceiling.
  • Stand upside down. Your body should be perpendicular to the floor.
  • Make sure that your arms and legs are straight and closed together.

This might take a few tries to keep your body stable in this posture. Maintain this pose for a few seconds. Keep yourself relaxed and continue to inhale and exhale in this posture.

Thunderbolt pose

Thunderbolt pose-yoga-1


This pose is sometimes referred to as Vajrasana. As complicated as its name might sound, this Yoga pose is simple. Even a newbie could do it with ease. Hair loss and premature greying of hair are commonly caused by everyday stress and anxiety. This posture releases down the tension and stress from your mind. It helps in building a positive mindset.

This pose helps in increasing the blood circulation over your scalp. This strengthens your hair and makes it thick and stronger.


  • Spread a yoga mat on the ground and get over it.
  • Kneel down over the mat. Sit down on your heels. Make sure that your back and back are straight, with your heels close together.
  • Your hands should be relaxed over your things, with your palms facing in a downward direction. Fix your gaze in front of you.

Hold this posture for around 30 seconds. Make sure that you take deep and long breaths while performing this Asana.  After you are finally done doing this pose, relax and stretch your body.

Shoulder stand

Shoulder stand

Shoulder stand or Sarvangasana is extremely beneficial for the thyroid. The thyroid gland has a huge effect on hair fall.

This Yoga pose could also be referred to as one of the best remedies for hair growth. This pose will be of great help if your hair is dry and dull. Shoulder Stand makes blood flow towards your head, which hydrates your scalp. This makes your hair luscious.

If you are suffering from never-ending hair fall issues, it will definitely make your hair grow back again. Unlike other remedies, this pose has permanent or long-lasting effects. Your hair would look flawless and healthy for a long time.


  • Start by lying flat on your Yoga mat. Your back should be on the mat.
  • Slowly, raise your legs towards the ceiling.
  • If it feels hard, support your body by using your forearms.
  • Make sure that your buttocks are straight.
  • Rest down your body over your shoulders. Your hands should keep your spine straight.
  • Your neck should be straight, with your gaze fixed on your feet.

Hold yourself in this position for a couple of seconds. Make sure that you continuously exhale and inhale while performing this pose.

Forward bending camel pose

While talking about remedies for hair growth, the camel pose would make it to the top. The list would not even start without mentioning this pose. Another name for the camel pose could be Uttanasana. This pose is easy and effective at the same time. This does not require too much practice but works like a wonder.

This pose works in relaxing down the muscles. After the muscles have been relaxed, the oxygen, as well as the blood, flows more easily.  When the flow is more smooth, oxygen reaches the head with greater ease and effectiveness. This enables the follicles of the hair to grow stronger and longer.

This Yoga Asana also improves the texture and the quality of your hair. Along with this, it makes your hair smoother and shinier.


  • Start by standing straight on a Yoga mat. Your legs should be close to each other.
  • Next, lift your arms upwards. While you do so, inhale deeply.
  • Without breathing out, bend in the forward direction. Make sure that your arms are straight.
  • Try to touch the place beside your heels on the Yoga mat.

You should hold this position for at least a few seconds. Your head as well your eyes should be faced down. Make sure that your neck is relaxed the whole time.

Back bending camel poses.

Forward bending camel pose

The back bending camel pose or the Ustrasana is helpful in the digestion process. There is quite a big list of the benefits of this Yoga pose, which includes improving the posture of your body, strengthening your back and the rest of your body.

Just like other Yoga postures, it also revolves around the same fact. It enhances hair growth by stimulating the nerves of the scalp and increasing blood flow in the head which makes your hair strong and helps in controlling the excessive amount of hair fall.


  • Spread a yoga mat on the ground.
  • Start by kneeling down on the yoga mat. Make sure that your feet are slightly apart.
  • Bend in the backward direction.
  • Next, try touching your feet with the help of your hands.
  • Keep your gaze back and lift up your chest area.

Try to stay in the posture for at least a few breaths. This pose might seem a bit difficult and sometimes impossible to try. But once you learn how to master this pose, it would be worth every second of the practice sessions. This pose would give you guaranteed results and make your hair regrow.

Rabbit pose

This pose is also known as Sasangasana. It is recommended that practicing this Asana (sasangasana) for at least 2 minutes every day will provide you noticeable changes. The changes would include healthier and stronger hair.

This Yoga pose works like a miracle for regrowing your hair. Regrowing hair might look like an impossible task, but this pose really does help. This Yoga targets stabilizing hormones, regulating the flow of blood. It fixes any imbalances in the thyroid levels. The thyroid gland is responsible for hair loss.


  • Spread a yoga mat on the ground. Stand still on your knees over the mat.
  • Start by bending your head in a downward direction. Your head should touch your knees.
  • Make sure that your arms are straight.
  • Try holding your heels with your hands.

While doing this pose, make sure to breathe deeply. Hold this pose for as long as you are comfortable with it.

Summing up

Yoga basically revolves around the fundamental process of improving blood circulation. When your body stretches down while performing Yoga, it repairs cells while doing so.

The spiritual practice basically works its magic by increasing blood circulation and repairing cells when you do the stretching and splitting. Yoga poses like downward dog pose and shoulder stand have proven to be some of the most effective yoga asanas for good hair health.

Yoga gives you a toned and leaner body. It also helps you in calming your mind and repairing your skin. And now, it is also proven that it provides you amazing hair.