Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine


Any medicine that is not conventional or western and is outside the normal and is practiced by a majority of doctors is known as alternative medicine. This word is used to most of the other forms of therapies except allopathy. There are more than 100 alternative therapies still practiced all over the world. Alternative medicine still prevails in all cultures to an extent and is also known as traditional medicine, folk medicine, and native medicine. For example, we can see Chinese has acupuncture, Heli praxis for the Germans, Herbalism for the English, magnetic healing for the French, Shiatsu for Japan and Ayurveda with Siddha being widely followed in southern India.

Some of the most familiar and popular and recognized alternative medicine are Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Herbalism, Magneto therapy, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Bach Flower Remedies, Diet therapy, Chromotherapy, Hydropathy, and Reiki.

Let’s understand a bit more about some of the alternative therapies:

Astrology: This is humanistic approach trying to know about the cycles that we share with universal forces. The planets have matching rulership to certain minerals, vitamins, herbs, cell salts, colors, metals and parts of the body. By looking at the birth chart, we can understand what natal health conditions would be. By the natal chart, predictions are analyzed about past and future and how our lives can be affected and how can we promote health.

Acupressure: Very similar to acupuncture, but here they use fingers to apply pressure rather than the needles on specific points over the body to treat the ailing person. Issues like aches, pains, stress, tension, menstrual cramps and arthritis are all treated with this alternative therapy.

Acupuncture: To fuel, disintegrate and control the flow of vital energies, fine needles are inserted at specific points in the body as they restore a healthy energy balance. Apart from relieving us from pain, it is also used to improve wellbeing and treat chronic and acute pains and also certain degenerative disorders in both adults and children.

Ayurvedic Medicine: Ayurveda medicine and treatments were practiced in India for more than 5000 years. Ayurveda believes that illness is nothing but a state of imbalance in the body system. With symptoms shared by the patient and also seeing the pulse and checking the tongue, the illness is identified followed which medicines are administered. Some of the treatments followed in Ayurveda to treat illnesses are nutrition counseling, natural medications, massages, meditation and other forms are used to a variety of ailments.

Aromatherapy:Aromatherapy treats people with emotional disorders. They can be anxiety, stress, and many other ailments. By using ‘essential oils’ refined from plants, treatments like massages are conducted on the person. This massage is on the skin is in diluted form, sometimes the oils are inhaled or added to Aromatherapies are most times combined with massage therapies, reflexology, acupuncture, herbology, chiropractic and some other holistic treatments.

Auto-Urine Therapy: This therapy form comes from yoga and this is nothing but using your own urine as medicine, food, restorative, transforming agent and immune system booster. In simple, we can call it as ‘Your Own Doctor’.

Chromotherapy or Color Therapy: Here there is a use of color in the form of colored light to produce healing and beneficial effects on the affected area.

Colon Therapy: The vital goal of colon therapy is to balance body chemistry, eliminate waste, and restore proper tissue and organ functioning. This therapy removes toxins, cleans the blood, stir the immunity system, and helps in reinstating the pH balance in the body. Colon Therapy mainly focuses on symptoms associated with colon dysfunction and is also known as colonics.

Counseling/Psychotherapy: Stress, depression, emotional distress, addictions are issues that are covered by a wide range of practitioners to treating the patients. We may find different formats like individual counseling to group therapy. Some cases. Therapists may include ritual, bodywork, energy healing and other alternative modalities in their counseling practices.

Electropathy: A specialized system of therapeutics are involved in using different types of electric currents for medicinal reasons. This therapy is also considered as remarkable to treat patients with mind related ailments.

Fasting Therapy: In this therapy, fasting is done for health. It is to purify and rejuvenate the whole system where the toxic wastes are eliminated and regeneration of diseased tissues follows.

Feng Shui: This is a very ancient Chinese Practice of preparing the home or workplace environment to support health, prosperity and happiness. The main idea is to bring changes in the surroundings, like a change in colors to replacing furniture. In this practice, it is highly considered as a therapy that brings a healthy flow of chi, or vital energy.

Physiotherapy: This therapy is known as a manipulative technique through which an individual’s deformities are rectified. This rectification is only to put the body and the important organs in accordance with the principles of naturopathy.

Homeopathy: Natural substances called remedies which are used in minute doses in this form of medical therapy. This is done to arouse a person’s defense and immune system. Remedies are always based on the sick person and his capacity. Most health conditions like an infant, childhood illnesses, allergies, infections, fatigue and other chronic illnesses like arthritis are addressed in homeopathy.

Reflexology: Specific points and areas on the hands and feet link with organs and tissues throughout the body. Using thumbs and fingers, the practitioner slowly applies pressure to these points in treating a variety of illnesses relating to stress.

Reiki: This is one of the most ancient Tibetan healing methods using light hand placements to channel healing energies to the patient receiving it. Though technique and philosophy and ideology differ in practitioners, this therapy is most commonly used to treat mental and emotional disorders and also chronic and severe physical problems. Also, this therapy reflects in assisting the patient in reaching clarity and spiritual focus.

Unani: Using herbs and plants, diseases such as sinusitis, rheumatism, jaundice, leukoderma and elephantiasis are cured. Most harmless and with not any side-effects it has tremendous curing ability.

Wellness Restoration: It is program systematically designed to increase muscle mass. The program uses sufficient nutrition, supplementation and anabolic steroid therapy and resistance training with weights to avert or reverse wasting in HIV disease.

Yoga Therapy: Yoga integrates mind and body. This enables to majorly focus on mental and physical problems. Yoga leads to peace and brings alignment of body and mind state.

This effort to bring forward few of the many available alternative therapies to help you acquire more awareness about our ancient therapies and their efficient treating procedures. It would be a huge task to discuss all the therapies here, hence we tried to bring some of the most recognized and known alternative medicines. It is always advised to seek doctor’s opinion before going for any alternative medicine. Doing things with awareness can be satisfactory and also reduces unnecessary reason to worry.

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