New Year Beauty Resolutions Worth Making and Keeping in 2021

Beauty Resolutions

10 New Year Beauty Resolutions Worth Making and Keeping in 2021

Then, why not take your time to make some resolutions on the part of your beauty regime. Yes, self-care is utmost necessary for longer sustainability.

In addition to the bucket list of your resolutions, let’s add the point of being more sensitive and attentive about your skincare and beauty routine along with the practice of hitting the gym and trying more leafy greens in our modest food style.

New Year Beauty Resolutions for 2021

Use SPF daily

Do we all still remember that we must protect our skin daily? We all know the role of sunscreen –our SPF in our daily routine.  Sun is the most significant cause of wrinkles and premature skin ageing, making us lose our natural beauty.

Usually, we all forget to apply sunscreen when the sun is absent. But we also g=forget that the UV rays are still present. Let us take one step forward to protect our skin, by daily applying a lightweight moisturiser with added SPF and making it a routine.

Never pick or pluck

Yes, never pick or blast or pluck any spots or blemishes on your skin. However, it urges us to scratch it off, due to the itchiness or burning sensation. Never do it and let us take this as our new beauty resolution this year. Picking or plucking any pimple or acne can cause infection or even help spread bacteria into the skin, making the entire scenario worse.

 Fabulous Take time to massage.

Regular facial massage has more benefits than we think, so worth making  can  helps in the reduction of wrinkles and aids for fabulous skin hydration. That is why, massaging the face in the morning and before sleep, for at least a minimum of a couple of minutes must be brought into the habit.

Blow-dry breaks

Of course, we all know that straightened hair never looks less than best. But, do we realise the harms it can cause to our skin. Styling your hair with any flat irons or any hair dryers can cause severe damage to hair like making it dry and easily breakable. So, take a break from using them occasionally in a week and trust us, that gives your hair a better comfort level.

Expiring the expired

We all use the products without checking into their expiry products, which are only noticed when purchasing. Not all beauty products get emptied quickly before their expiry dates. Most of them are occasionally used, so we must take a regular routine to check on them. In case, even if it is expired by a week, throw them out.

An expired product is always an expired product, be it one day or one week. So, it’s the time of the year to throw out the trash and clear out the old stocks. Bring in new, fresh products and stick to your routines.

Cleaning makeup brushes

On coming to the brushes part, that we use every time we do makeup, these brushes must be hygienic. Hygienic in a sense,  worth making  must be regularly washed off the makeup cream or materials or powders stuck onto that. By this, we can easily find out the damaged brush which can at times mar the beauty of our makeup.

Brushes full of dirt and covered with long back used chemicals do no justice to our skin beauty. Hence, let us make it the habit of giving a  quick wash to our brushes every weekend.

Make time for yourselves.

Nothing proves to seek much importance from looking after yourselves. Self-care is a great way to boost your mood. So, take a resolution to spare some particular time for your self.

Squeeze time from your hectic schedules for a relaxing bath in a fully fragranced hot water tub may be. Think about your daily skincare routines to improve your beauty. Analyse your changing skin concerning times and plan accordingly.

Never sleep with makeup.

After a tiring party or function, heading straight to bed with our wobbly legs as usual. But, sleeping with makeup on is just flouting the rules that we know. To surpass the risks of sleeping with makeup, it only takes a  few minutes to wipe them off before retiring to the bed.

Get your beauty sleep by removing your makeup with Michelle water with the use of some cotton pads. This Michelle water aids in hydrating and purifying your skin from all the dirt or oil or makeup. One most prominent advantage is that it requires no rubbing or scrubbing.

Drink more water

We all forget to take ample amounts of water in between our work schedule. We drink water only when we feel thirsty. But that is not enough for one’s body. Notably, for the one who wants a healthy and a skin that flaunts its beauty. worth making is very important

Resolve this year, to have a continuous intake of water sips periodically throughout your entire day.  Being hydrated is essential for healthy skin. It keeps the skin away from wrinkling and ageing and avoids the dull complexion of the skin. Not only this, it generally prevents all problems along with beauty issues.


In this fast-paced world, we have almost forgotten the fact that “meditation” exists. But, we all agree on a more significant percentage that we don’t live a stress-free life. Then, what to do with this anxiety that has taken a toll on our lives?

A straightforward way is to Meditate! It can bring back the calmness of our beautiful mind and our gorgeous skin too. Yes, stress causes one’s skin to have a  lifeless complexion, deteriorating its real beauty. So, let us not let the pressure drive our way, instead meditate to go them away.