Benefits of Yoga for teenagers

Benefits of Yoga for teenagers

Benefits of Yoga for teenagers

As time is passing by, Yoga is gaining popularity in every field. From skincare to healthcare, Yoga has settled its branches everywhere.

Statistics show that over 1.7 million teenagers are  practicing yoga everyday. Over the last decade, this number has widely grown by 400,000

As Yoga has gained popularity, the schools have also decided to adopt the practise of Yoga. Schools now offer programs to help teenagers in reducing their stress and spreading well being among them.

Why Teens?

Teenage years are the most formative years of your life. This period of your life should be engaged in developing healthy habits. These habits include improving strength, flexibility and balance.

During the teenage years, your mind develops starting right from the early to the late teens. This is the reason why Yoga is so important and beneficial for teenagers.

Biological facts

The area right behind your forehead is the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is famously known as the “CEO of the brain”. It got its name because of its ability to plan, organize, and regulate your mood.

As the prefrontal cortex starts developing it grants you the ability to concentrate and think clearly. It abolishes the concept of impulsive decision making from your brain. This is important for you in every stage of your life, be it in academics, career or your social relationships.

Studies found out that the prefrontal cortex starts growing since you are a baby. That would be the first time when it would start to grow. The cortex grows the second time around puberty.

For boys, the second growth period of the prefrontal cortex is 12 and for girls it is 11.

Yoga could be of vital help during these times. It helps in increasing the creativity levels, flexible thinking, decision making, self love and discipline.

Media Coverage

With time, Yoga is gaining world-wide recognition. It is now respected and promoted by sports celebrities like LeBron James. James has beaten down the cramps just before an NBA final game. He later  stated that this was made possible through performing Yoga.

The famous sports team, Knicks revealed that they practice meditation as well.NBA players such as Kareem Abdyl-Jabbar, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Love,  Kevin Garnett have spoken out aloud that Yoga is beneficial.

Along with all these personalities, NBA Coach  Phil Jackson has claimed that his coaching strategies include meditation and mindfulness. This article has covered various benefits that Yoga has for teenagers.

Developing discipline and self-control

Yoga and mindfulness are interlinked. It helps teenagers with mental stability.

Yoga is known to affect your mental state as well. It provides you mindfulness. Practicing  Yoga poses  has tons of advantages over traditional physical workout.

Yoga requires a sense of discipline to practise. And by practising Yoga it helps in indulging discipline and control over yourself.  Certain Yoga poses reduce impulsive thoughts and improves your patience. Alongside this, they also help in improving concentration.

Providing a boost to physical health

Yoga is the closest relative of fitness and a healthy body. Teenagers who engage themselves in Yoga sessions tend to have better and healthier physique. Yoga helps in developing awareness within one’s own body.

Yoga poses are of great help in improving the balance, coordination, strength or flexibility in your body.

Improves creativity levels

Yoga not just helps in maintaining a good posture or stable mental health but also in encouraging creativity.

It is interlinked with Yoga’s effect on your mind. It boosts creativity and playfulness in your mind and body as well. Performing Yoga poses will grant you a flexible body as well as a flexible mind.

Cutting down stress and anxiety

Teenage years might be the most stressful and complicated period of your life. Same goes for highschool as well. Along with Highschool, there comes challenges, both academic and personal ones.

Yoga could prove to be the best remedy for you in this aspect. Yoga helps you in calming down your mind. If you have high levels of stress or anxiety, go for breathing exercises.

Boosts Optimism

It is easy to think about optimism and it is even easier to tell someone about optimism. But, it is hard to think straight, in an optimistic way during hard times.

Optimistic thinking is nothing but being hopeful about the future.

Even studies and researches have proven that Yoga helps in building a sense of optimism among children and teenagers. It makes up your mind and forces it to think that being optimistic is the way of living.

During the teenage years, it is crucial to have a sense of hope in yourself. Being hopeless and living without a goal would make you fall into the pits of crises. Yoga helps in indulging  teenagers to have a sense of hope about their future, career, social life  and relationships

Increasing focus and concentration

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is quite a common issue for children and teenagers these days. Out of 1 in 10 children suffer from this disorder.

This issue directly affects your concentration and therefore your academic performance drops.

Studies have proven this fact that children and teenagers with ADHD, who practise Yoga poses improve themselves.

For better relief practise your favorite Yoga poses or the ones recommended by your doctor at least once or twice a week. It will instantly help you in regaining concentration and slowly but steadily improve your academic score.

Improving self love

Almost 70 percent of the teenagers suffer from body dysmorphia, meaning they lack self love. During time of High school, body image issues are very common. Teens suffer from pressure to look perfect and when they fail to do so, they find themselves in the never ending cycle of bullying. Yoga improves self-esteem and improves your body image. Yoga majorly affects your brain. It helps you in creating a safe and sound environment for yourself. It revolves around the basis of self judgement.

Practising Yoga poses helps you in connecting yourself to your body. It connects yourself to your mind and creates a better image of yourself in your head. Yoga provides you help in happily accepting your body, the way it is.