Best Home Exercise For Beginners

Best Home Exercise For Beginners

Being healthy and fit employing exercise is difficult. It takes a lot of self-time, effort and decisions to dedicate ourselves to exercise, especially in this “fast-paced” century. It is also way more difficult to save time to home exercise and develop them to a healthy routine. That is why there are some essential tips and workouts for beginners who want to take on the practice.

Development Of Best Home Exercise Routine for beginners

When we take time off the “urban way of life” and decide to exercise for health and body stamina, we want to take it easy, steadily. There are some great, comfortable, less time-consuming exercises. Each of them are different, depending on what system in the body we want to focus:

Before Every Exercise:

No matter how many times you hear it, and it is always essential to do stretching exercises! They help in better blood flow and lessen the chances of lactic acid build up in the ligaments and muscles. Stretching exercises prevent the body pain and joint pains during exercises. Some of the best and easiest stretching

Exercises are:

  • Running on spot(to get that blood flowing through the body)
  • Jumping jacks(to prepare muscles of legs and arms
  • Leg kick(to prepare abdominal muscles for more challenging exercises)
  • Rotation of head in the right-left movement(for prevention of stiff neck)

Remember, mentioned exercises are meant to be less time consuming, without the need of getting an exercising prop!

During The Early Stages Of Exercising

Develop a “time routine” it is one of the Best Home Exercise Routines for beginners. Before you go “hard mode” into exercise, decide when and how much you can exercise in a day. It is crucial to decide on that and to decide on that time which should be the most convenient for you so that you can stick to that self-made “time routine”.

Schedule, or “time routine”, helps your body in preparation of anticipation for more demanding exercises. For example, if you decide to work out for 15 minutes in a morning every day, after some time, your body will get used to early workout and won’t ache nor sore up.

Develop “time routine” early at the start of exercising to give your own body the time for preparation.


Things to Note as a Beginner

Since you are a beginner, even if you think you can put more effort into exercising, or if you think you can exercise more rigorously, don’t try to do that! Never force yourself too much; if you do, you will only do more damage than actually helping yourself. Over-exercising can lead to severe injuries, like:

Fracture of ligament fibres or bones, Inflammation of the muscles ,Swollen joint & Broken bones

So remember, in the start, work out a little, with easy exercises fit for your body shape and your endurance. Gradually transit to more challenging activities, when your body adapts, and you no longer risk an injury!

Try to research some workouts that are best for your body. After some research, set up an exercising plan based on the researched activities. It is best to start with endurance exercises, after the stretching so that that body can build up the stamina for future tasks.

After endurance exercises, research on workouts should be based on the body system which you want to affect the most. If you’re going to lose some body fat on the hip, stomach or lower body area, then abdominal exercises, like squats, would be the best!

Try to make an “exercising plan”. In that plan, implement three series of different workouts for the beginning. It is best to start with the “exercising plan” of stretching, endurance and abdominal exercises for the best beginning result!

There are some Best Home Exercise Routines which are the best in some areas of the human body.

Some of that are- For endurance/stamina:

Walking: (most simple exercise with no machines and props needed)

Cycling: (good exercise for leg endurance)

Swimming: (probably one of the few exercises which include all muscles of the body)

Running: (more tiring exercise for faster results, also helps in removal of thigh fat)

Best Home Exercise Routine for beginners For abdomen:

  • Plank (the best exercise for flat tummy)
  • Sit-ups (one of the most efficient and most accessible exercises for the abdominal area, although it is a little tiring)
  • Crunches (solid exercise for fat removal)


Best Home Exercise Routine for beginners for the cardiovascular system:

 Crawling: It is an good exercise which benefits the cardiovascular system, especially in leg area)

Swimming: (one of the best exercises for the whole body)

Jogging: (easy exercise like walking since it only requires a few minutes)

Cycling: (also a good exercise for blood flow in leg area)-For back:

“Good Morning” 🙁 Yoga pose in which you stand on one leg stretching your arms and back to the upwards)

Resistance band pull: (back exercise which requires pulling an elastic string with your hands as much as you can, usually we find this “device” in gyms)

Dumbbell lifts :( efficient exercise for back using hands; you can use bottles of half the L if you don’t possess any dumbbells)

Try implementing some of the Best Home Exercise Routine for beginners in your “exercising plan”. Some of the mentioned exercises (like sit-ups)are crucial for better results!


Although exercise is always good and healthy, there are some basic rules to prevent common injuries in exercising:

A most common practice is that forcing too much exercise is never a good option because it leads to damages of a body. So never force yourself!

Secure the space around you in which you are going to exercise. You need to remove Sharp objects and edges before the exercise!

Secure some chocolate and water before the exercise itself. You will be hungry after exercising because your body will be low in stamina and will need a cube of sugar to obtain the energy again. Especially secure the water source because you will be thirsty foremost!


Exercising is a great, potentially easy way to obtain fitness and remain in good health. It is just that when exercising, we must be careful of overdoing it.