How Much Iodine Do We Need Daily

How Much Iodine Do We Need Daily?

Iodine is a mineral that is found in some food, seawater and the earth’s soil. Furthermore, this mineral is most widely found in iodized salt. The body needs iodine but cannot make... Read more »

Can You Use Sulphur For Acne Spots And Scars?

A sulphur mineral is a bright yellow crystalline mineral which is formed nearby, volcanic vents and fumaroles, as a result, it sublimates from the steam of hot gases. History The sulphur mineral is... Read more »
Function of The Mineral Iron

Function of The Mineral Iron?

a Iron is an essential mineral, and it plays a vital role in the body. Iron helps in the transportation of oxygen in the body. For immunity, energy and cell functioning are... Read more »
Health Benefit of Zinc

Health Benefits of Zinc Uses, Side Effects & Dosage

Health Benefits of Zinc, Uses, Side Effects & Dosage Zinc is a mineral found  thought   the body. It has various importance in the body. Some of the crucial roles of zinc are... Read more »

Phosphorus For Regulating the functioning of kidney and heartbeat

Everything You Should Know about Phosphorus Phosphorus is a mineral because it  is also present in the body found along with calcium mainly  present in the bone and teeth. it  is a... Read more »
You Should Know about Sodium

Sodium Help for the contraction of the muscle for movement and Heart to pump Blood

Everything You Should Know about Sodium Sodium, present to be the sixth most abundant element in the Earth crust. It is also having a major role in the physiological fluid system of... Read more »
Know about Potassium

Potassium for Muscle contractions and transmission of nerve impulses

Everything You Should Know about Potassium Potassium is an electrolyte present in the body. They help in the body functions such as maintaining the blood pressure, average water balance, muscle contractions, the... Read more »

Magnesium help in the biochemical reactions in the body

Everything You Should Know About Magnesium Magnesium is a mineral present in the body. It is said to be a cofactor of many enzymes in the body. These enzymes help in the... Read more »

How do you know about the need for calcium in your body?

Everything You Should Know About Calcium equired in the body. It mainly helps in the development, growth and for maintaining bone health. Calcium is also used in various industries. It is said... Read more »