Chicken Pox Signs and Treatment

Chicken Pox Signs and Treatment

Chicken Pox Signs and Treatment:

Chicken Pox:

Chicken Pox is an omnipresent and very contagious infectious agent sickness. The primary illness, characterized by a generalized skin rash, is caused by the Varicella herpes virus. Recurrence of the infection results in a localized efflorescence, otherwise known as shingles or Herpes. Chicken Pox, often confused with tiny Pox in earlier times, occurs seasonally and in epidemics the world over. Humans are the solely far-famed reservoir. The virus is spread by the metabolism route and is a common infection in kids.

Cause and Pathogenesis:

Varicella herpes virus is associate swallowed virus of the herpes family. Chicken Pox occurs in vulnerable people WHO square measure exposed to the virus once intimate contact. After entry through the metabolism route, the virus replicates, reaches the lymphatic system and so the blood stream. Roughly two weeks once the virus entry, a diffuse vesicular skin rash is seen. It is believed that the virus lodges within the sensory nerves after the rash clears solely to activate at a later date, several years later, to cause herpes zoster.

Symptoms and Signs:

Chicken Pox presents with a low-grade fever and uneasiness, followed by a diffuse skin rash. This is related to itching, loss of appetite and listlessness. The blisters are at the start tiny and distinct with clear fluid, but bit by bit become cloudy and scab over. The rash is often stated as “dew drop” throughout the first stages. The rash starts on the trunk and rapidly spreads to involve alternative areas of the body over a pair of to four days. The crusts formed utterly fall off in one to a pair of weeks. Children with impaired immunity have varied lesions that typically bleed. Secondary bacterial infections will occur.

Chicken Pox can additionally cause phlebitis (brain fever) and neural structure symptoms. A serious and life threatening complication is Chicken Pox Pneumonia, especially in adults and upset people. Chicken Pox affecting pregnant ladies simply before delivery will cause foetal death. If the infection occurs earlier in gestation, the baby may be born misshapen.

Investigations and Diagnosis:

History and physical examination usually aid the identification of Chicken Pox. The characteristic skin rash with itching and low grade fever facilitates to create the identification.

Small Pox, earlier confused with chicken pox, has now been eradicated. Sometimes alternative infectious agent infections or skin disease could jibe chicken pox. Herpes Zoster or Shingles is suspected if a localized rash is seen on one 0.5 of the body.

Confirmation of the diagnosis is potential by examining the direct scraping of the skin lesion underneath a magnifier, viral cultures or a rising protein level in convalescing blood samples.

Treatment and Prognosis:

The medical management of Chicken Pox and Shingles in a healthy host is directed towards reduction of the risks of complications, as the disease is actually ending. Hygiene is very necessary, including bathing, astringent soaks and closely cropped fingernails to avoid secondary bacterial infections. Paracetamol should be used to cut back fever. Acyclovir is the drug of selection for each Chicken Pox and Herpes. The therapy ought to be started at intervals twenty four hours of the onset of the rash.

In children a pair of to sixteen years of age, the oral dosage is twenty mg/kg, four times a day for five days (maximum of 800 mg 4 times a day). Adolescents and adults can receive up to 800 mg five times a day. For Chicken Pox Pneumonia, intravenous medication or Vidarabine is of price, though wonderful corroborative nursing care is necessary. In children, Chicken Pox has a superb prognosis.


Since Chicken Pox has a high secondary attack rate, people vulnerable to Chicken Pox ought to avoid returning into contact with patients laid low with the infection. Prophylaxis for kids is of very little relevancy as Chicken Pox is sometimes a benign illness.

However, vaccination is available for the hindrance of Chicken Pox and is usually counseled between ten – twelve years older for youngsters WHO haven’t had Chicken Pox before. This is also suggested for upset patients WHO haven’t been antecedently exposed to Chicken Pox. Chickenpox herpes Immune simple protein and Varicella herpes Immune Plasma square measure helpful in preventing or ameliorative symptomatic Chicken Pox in insecure people.

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