Will you take the risk of taking a COVID 19 vaccine

risk of taking a COVID 19 vaccine

Will you take the risk of taking a COVID 19 vaccine?

A specific section of people may be hesitant to take the COVID-19 vaccine, doubting its safety and efficacy. A viable coronavirus vaccine is integral to reign in the devastating impact of the pandemic. But the widespread vaccine scepticism in the world is proving to be yet another setback for public health officials and political leaders to tackle.

Why Vaccination?

A vaccine is something that helps a person build up immunity to an infectious disease. It works by intentionally introducing the body to an inactive form of a disease-causing germ, or something more similar. Vaccination seems to be the only way to stop the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and controlling covid 19 symptoms.

What are the stages of vaccine development?

The development of vaccines can take years. This is notably true when the vaccines involve novel technologies that haven’t been tested for safety yet adapted to allow for mass production. It has to go through 5 stages of development, starting from research to finally, manufacturing and delivery.

The development of a vaccine involves three general phases. Those are the pre-clinical phase, the clinical stage, and the post-licensure phase. The utmost objectives of these trials are to ensure safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy of the final product.

Because of the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, the vaccine manufacturers, along with the researchers, might fast-track some of these steps. Yet, the clinical results show that it is safe and effective in suppressing the covid 19 symptoms, and the benefits outweigh the risks.

What are the challenges?

The most challenging facts are about ensuring vaccine safety, as most of the vaccines improved the animals’ survival but didn’t prevent infection and some causing health complications too. Next one is to provide long-term protection, so that re-infection doesn’t happen.

Last but not least, it must protect the older people as they have a higher risk of covid 19 symptoms. But older people usually don’t respond to vaccines as well as younger people. An ideal COVID-19 vaccine would work well for this age group too.

The Arising Questions

Several groups and people from all over the world are currently hesitant to get the coronavirus vaccine due to safety concerns. The people are raising questions on how quickly the vaccine has been manufactured and approved by the medical experts.

Questions also arise around the efficacy of a potential vaccine, the harsh side effects that could occur from the vaccine shots. The risk of waiting to get the answer to the durability question is too high. An effective COVID-19 vaccine can also face several hurdles beyond our control, in controlling COVID 19 symptoms and curing it completely.

What are the risks of this fast-tracking vaccine?

Fast-tracking vaccines also risk compromising assessments of immunological memory.

Why should we do this?

It may seem like folly to rush our paths towards vaccine in 2020 as it has only a limited benefit to the population. But, we have accepted that the risk can go far beyond the dangers a COVID vaccine alone may hold. Also, Public support for vaccines, in general, is already an issue.

But, there is no doubt that we all are longing is to end this outbreak and put an end to this pandemic. But a safe vaccine, useful for all those at risk of COVID 19 symptoms, is worth the wait, especially when we have no other solutions in hand. There’s no victory without a defeat. And that’s the way, and we must get through our tough times like this COVID-19.

While a vaccine may seem like the obvious solution to bring down the number of cases and suppress the COVID 19 symptoms, but still people remain sceptical about it. We should raise awareness about the Covid-19 vaccine and encourage all people to get vaccinated against the disease.

The novel Vaccine

We have no other way, then believing in these Covid vaccines, that can protect us from this novel corona disease. Let’s trust the science and its solutions and drive these diseases down to nothing.