Covid disease that froze the world

Covid 19: The disease that froze the world

Has your life frozen like many others due to this contagious disease called Covid 19? You may be wondering now if this is even something that should be asked as its answer is too obvious. Covid 19 or Corona was the contagious disease caused by the new invader coronavirus that shut and froze the time of the whole world in the previous year 2020. Our world has not seen something as contagious as Covid 19 before ever making the whole world stop working, not letting people go by their usual routines.

Covid 19, when hardly acted as any inconvenience to some of the victims, it proved very deadly and dangerous to some others, even taking the lives of many. Thus it is evident that the way coronavirus affects different people is different. It is said that, like another deadly disease, AIDS, Covid 19 also affects the immune system of the victim after the invasion. So clearly, the disease affecting you depends on how healthy your immune system is. This is why Covid 19 is considered to be bad for older people and also for people who already suffer from other could be or already dangerous diseases. More than four-thirds of the people who died due to Covid 19 were older people and the people who are sufficient from other deadly diseases.

We all are familiar with the famous saying ‘Prevention is better than Cure.’ This saying plays an important role in today’s scenario. In this case of Covid 19, it is obvious that it is better to prevent the disease from ever affecting us than getting the disease and suffering later. There are a number of home remedies that stress improving your immune system to prevent you from getting Covid 19. There are also a few other home remedies to cure Covid 19 if you already got the disease and are scared to consult a doctor in a hospital to both worsen their situation and spread the disease further. In this article, we will be looking at some of the home remedies to cure Covid 19 of your system completely.

The symptoms of Covid 19

There are certain symptoms that you should look for to make sure if you have Covid 19 or not. It’s important that we know what they are to detect on our own if we are suffering from Covid 19 so we can search and start doing the remedies to cure Covid 19. Thus before going into detail on the different home remedies to cure Covid 19, let’s look at the different key symptoms that let you know that you are affected by the disease.


Since when Covid 19 started terrorizing our world, the first and the main symptom to detect the disease was fever. If you have a fever with a temperature above 37.8°C or if your skin feels hot when touched, then you may be having Covid 19. If once we didn’t pay much attention to fever, we now are scared of it, thinking we may be having Covid 19. But you only need to worry about it much and start taking remedies to cure Covid 19 if your fever is accompanied by other symptoms of the disease.


If you have an unusual, continuous cough, which does not go off even after taking medicine, then you might be suffering from Covid 19

Loss of sense in smell and taste

The most popular symptom after fever of Covid 19 is the loss or change In the sense of smell or taste or both. Some people who once got Corona and got cured say that their sense of taste and smell has not yet returned. So this symptom is quite dangerous even though we may not take it seriously.

Shortness of Breath

Since Covid 19 affects our lungs, one of the main symptoms of the disease is shortness of breath and other difficulties in breathing.

Fatigue and Body Pains

Covid 19 symptoms also include some other regular symptoms like fatigue, headaches, sore throat, aches, and similar pains.

Look out for these symptoms and if you have multiple of them, make sure to take remedies to cure Covid 19. Now here are some of the home remedies to cure Covid 19!

Look after yourself from home.

Like you all are aware, it is very important to look after yourself and take effective remedies to make yourself healthy again. In the case of Covid 19, the main remedy to cure Covid 19 is to look after yourself and treat yourself from home, which is possible from home itself. It is also at times considered to go to a hospital if you are suffering from Covid 19 due to its highly contagious nature of the virus. So the best remedy to cure Covid 19 is undoubtedly taking good care of yourself and quarantine yourself to make sure that you don’t spread the disease further.

Drink plenty of water

Water can undoubtedly be called the best medicine of all, like drinking, plenty of water has the ability to keep you healthy and strong. Water is a healthy reagent that has no negative effects unless it is unclean. In the case of you suffering from the disease, the best remedy to cure Covid 19 is by plenty of water. The more, the better. Drinking plenty of water makes you urinate faster as well, which will lead to the letting out of the virus from your body.

Avoid Alcohol

You may be aware that a lot of the governments of different countries around the world banned the selling and buying of alcohol when the spread of Covid 19 intensified. Alcohol makes you dehydrated, but we all know how it is important to have a lot of water content is an important remedy to cure Covid 19. Alcoholics, when affected by the disease, also have a higher chance of liver damage. Thus avoid alcohol completely when you are a victim of Corona.

Take complete rest

There is nothing better than resting your body and mind when you are suffering from Covid 19. This is one of the best remedies to cure Covid 19. Take plenty of rest while quarantining yourself. Do what you enjoy during this time, and don’t let your mind get stressed too when your body is resting. Avoid strenuous activities and relax your body and mind until you are cured of the symptoms you are suffering from.

Available fever medications

Along with the above-mentioned remedies to cure Covid 19, take available fever medications to get your temperature back to normal. Most of our houses will definitely be having emergency medicines, especially the ones for common conditions like fever. So just take them in regular dosages along with the other remedies to cure Covid 19.


All these above remedies to cure Covid 19 are definitely reliable. Especially when you only have a few of the symptoms of Covid 19, these remedies to cure Covid 19 will be more than enough. However, don’t hesitate to get medical help from a professional if your condition gets worse but in other normal circumstances, these home remedies to cure Covid 19 are more than enough. But again, prevention is way cooler and better than a discount. Thus try to stay healthy, and let’s all wish for the Vivid 19 diseases to be the face of the earth to restore our routined lives.