Drinking Water can solve many problems

Drinking Water can solve any problem

Drinking Water can help solve many problems

Can you believe it drinking water can make you slim down, it acts as brain booster and also it can make you rich!! Shocked? Let’s look at how’s and whys now:

Water is the basis of our life, our existence. Even if we speak scientifically, apart from being essential to your living, water serves us more beautifully than we can ever think of. It makes you feel absolute best in simple.

Water can’t pay your bills, though it does save your money. It cannot cure cancer but it definitely helps preventing cancer. Here are certain reasons why and how water or H2O can solve many of your daily health issues to possible some of your bigger issues.

Water Boosts Metabolism

Are you in the path of losing weight? The water has the ability to boost your body to burn fats. Consuming a certain desired amount of water like 17oz can actually boost your metabolic rate by 30% in an average healthy women and men. The boost happens within 10 minutes of consumption but reaches a maximum 30-40 minutes later after drinking. Studies suggest that drinking one or two glasses of water before every meal can fill you up which makes you eat less. Less known fact here is even a mild dehydration can slow down your metabolism by 3 percent.

Water Safeguards your Heart

Now speaking about importance of water for life, drinking a fair amount of water can drastically reduce your chances of suffering a heart attack. An ‘American Journal’ once published a six year study, where it found that people who drank five glasses of water and more in a day were 41% less likely to get a heart attack or die than those who drank less than two glasses. And the bonus point is it also reduce the risk of cancer. Staying hydrated can reduce risk of colon cancer by 45%, bladder cancer by 50% and also breast cancer risks are reduced.

Water Consumption Prevents Headaches

Migraine headaches are the most unbearable kinds. Studies revealed that scientists hired some migraine sufferers and divided them into 2 groups. One group took placebo a saline solution or a starch tablet and the other group were asked to drink 1.5 liters of water in addition to what they normally take. After two weeks they notices that the water group had felt 21 fewer hours of pain than those in the placebo group. They also experienced decrease in pain intensity when compared to the other group.

Water Boosts Brainpower

The most vital organ of our body is our brain and it needs oxygen to function to its best levels. Drinking water in plenty ensures that it is getting all it requires. In fact, by drinking eight to ten cups of water per day can increase your levels of intellectual performance by 30 percent.

Research shows that dehydration level of just 1 percent of your body weight can reduce your thinking functions. Staying hydrated always is very crucial for a better performance mentally as well.

Water makes you Rich

Now this sounds pretty amusing to you as you read on, but yes it has truth in saying. If water is becomes your favorite drink, it can save lots of money in the long run. Buying bottled water is still cheaper, but if juices, Starbucks and sodas are supplementing, it might prove costly affair. The cheapest form is to buy a filter and drink water out of the tap. In simple, instead of buying soda at lunch, replace it with a free tap water. It can save so many dollars a year. So isn’t saving money a form of growing rich!

Water increases Alertness at Work

Daytime fatigue causes dehydration from all aspects. If you feel lethargic and down and feel desperate to take a nap in working hours, gulp a glass of water. It immediately dehydrates and make you work better at job. Short term memory problems can also occur with simple dehydration and also you feel difficulty in focusing on the screen.

Water Builds Muscle Tone

Drinking water helps in lubricating of the joints and it also helps in preventing muscle cramps. When you are hydrated well, even long exercise sessions will not make you hit the wall but instead make you stronger and tones your muscles.

Water Improves Digestion

Apart from high fiber foods, water too is very important in improving digestion. Water has ability to break and dissolve waste particles and make them pass through your digestive tract. Dehydration makes things more difficult, all the water present is absorbed by the body, leaving your colon dry which it even more difficult to pass waste.

Water can reduce Kidney Stones

Kidney stones have become among every age group that includes small children. The reason is simple, not drinking enough water. The rate of painful kidney stones is rising steadily. Water has a great ability to dilute salts and minerals in your urine that can form solid crystals called, kidney stones. When these get diluted in urine, they cannot form kidney stones. So, drinking water really reduces risk of kidney stones and all the effort needed by you to stay hydrated all time.

 Water reduces Weight

Drinking a glass of ice water and working out can warm the warm up. This helps to burn a few calories in the process. Staying always hydrated keeps your metabolism high. Try to replace water with calorie-filled beverages, and drink a glass of water before meals can keep full.

Water Improves Skin Texture

In our body, the largest organ is our skin, drinking water at regular intervals and in plentiful actually improves the color and texture of your skin. Water keeps building new cells. Not only this, the skin does the job of regulating the body temperature through sweating.

So what are you still looking and wondering? Go pick up a glassful of water and cherish drinking for all the benefits that you now know and want to improve about.

Drinking Water can solve any problem

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