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Health benefits of Yoga:

What is the first that gets into your mind when you hear the word ‘Yoga’?  Sadhu in a saffron attire, siting under a tree and doing dhyana. But we say that yoga is very important to every individual, from a child to an old man. Yoga has an amazing ability to not only keep one fit and healthy but also cures many of diseases.

Swami Vivekananda through his missionary work took yoga to western parts of the world. In 1893, at a parliament of Religions he spoke at length about yoga and since then yoga has undergone a unique transformation. Unfortunately, yoga meant only ‘hatha’ yoga in western countries, where it isall about physical exercise and asanas/postures. According to ‘Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali’, asanas is only one step in eight step path. The west have customized yoga according to their specific needs of their country people and yoga has since then been secularized and turned from a rigorous spiritual discipline to an instant fitness program.

Yoga came from Sanskrit word ‘YUG’ which means union with divine.

Yoga is of various types and there are differences in the type of doing yoga but one thing that is common about all of them is that they all lead to same goal, the goal to unite with the divine.

Let’s take a look at different types of yoga

  • BhaktI yogaa path of devotion

Bhakti yoga is a yoga of devotion and is the path to unite with divine. It is love that is so pure, and selfless towards the almighty coming from the heart uniting with soul and always thinks of God, and believes that God thinks more of him in that when he is in that state. It is a relationship between the devotee and God and there are no words to describe it.

  • Karma yogaa path of Selfless Action

Karma as the name indicates, is yoga of action. It is a path chosen in service that is done selflessly. The man who takes this path believes that it is opportunity given by God to serve him, all activities he conducts he believes it is his karma and does not normally give to importance to any ups and lows in his life. He is almost a detached soul when carrying any of his earthly responsibilities. A key to karma yoga is to act rightly and serve for its own sake, without much consideration of any apparent results. In ‘Bhagavad Gita’ Krishna Bhagvan quotes, ‘Worshipping Him with proper actions, a man can attain realization’.

  • Dhyana yoga- a path of Mystical Knowledge

Yoga of wisdom is where a person searches to understand the mystical truth. He is in the path of knowledge. A dhyana yogi wants to solve the mysteries, of birth, death and also the real purpose of life. According to Hindu scriptures a dhyana yogi is one that keeps uttering Neti meaning ‘not this’. He tries to differentiate between something that is permanent and not-permanent, he uses his discernment from shifting to knowledge (vidya) from ignorance (avidya). He also discerns the world as normally perceived by everyone is not real, but an illusion of mind. This yoga is done by a yogi who is a thinker who wants to pursue beyond visible, and material reality, a philosopher who wants to find God through Knowledge. In Upanishads also a statement about dhyana yoga says that ‘a method to reintegrate through knowledge with God, the mind is ever dwelling to reach the ultimate end of existence which is liberation. This Method of yoga leads to all attainments and is always auspicious.’

 Ashtanga yoga- a eight step path known as path of Patanjali

This yoga which is an eight step path is developed by Patanjali. These steps are said to lead the seeker from ignorance to eternal truth.

Hatha yoga is a Forceful Yoga, mainly concentrating on physical and energetic purification and training. The main goal is only to bring the physical body to a state of perfect health. Some of its practices are:

  • Yama – Self control
  • Niyama- Strict observer of character
  • Asanas – Postures relating to Body
  • Pranayama- It is all about control of prana, all about breathing exercises
  • Pratyahara- Withdrawing from all desires of sense organs
  • Dharana- Concentration on a single thing or object
  • Dhyana- Meditation on the Divine
  • Samadhi- Union with Divine

Apart of from the above, physical postures and breathing exercises also known as pranayama that acts on our nervous system and etheric body under self-control.

Raja yoga is a science in which there is no need to faith as unconditional. It is similar to a patient going to doctor when he is sick and takes a medicine the doctor gives to him with a faith that he will be cured. If he follows all the doctor advised and still is not cured then it is believed to be the doctor’s fault and not that of the patient.

Kundalini yoga is universally accepted by most of the saints that the culmination of the kundalini Shakti is very important for enlightenment. Various raja yogas that include kriya, laya,siddha and sahaja yoga end with activation and culmination of the kundalini Shakti at the crown chakra. This is also known as kundalini yoga and its dormant energy lies at the base of spine

 What is the real objective of yoga?  What are the advantages of practicing and making it part of your life?

Yoga leads the person to the path of realization, about truth, freedom, happiness or enlightenment. However with yoga comes so many other helps such as you will have mental harmony, balance of emotions and physical well-being. Yoga in its most integrated form aids us to unlock our true potential.

Yoga has advantages:

  1. Physical Fitness:Yoga is not only to be treated as a therapy that cures but also when yoga is accepted in everyday routine it will not only ward you off from diseases but also keeps you fit.
  2. Relief from Stress: Stress, worries, problems, tension are all very common terminologies we get to hear from everyone around us, that includes youth to old person. Each one has their own tensions in their respective lives and our best advice to all is to inculcate yoga into your life to de-stress
  3. Free of Bad Habits: Habits are addictions. Once you are addicted to certain habits, it becomes almost impossible to come out of them. People do try to give up their bad habits, like smoking, drinking but they fail. Practicing yoga helps us to come out of these habits much easily.
  4. Personality Development: Everyday yoga can allow you to attain energy from work stress, peace of mind and also increase your confidence levels. Over all it turns you into a new leaf.
  5. Challenging Competitions: Yoga helps students also to improve their concentration levels and inherit the ability to not only memorize things but also think analytically and logically. The simple yoga like ‘Omkar’ practices can help students face competition in their education life with more challenge than stressing.

 Impressions: Yoga for all

Yoga is for all of us. It is never an alien and we are doing it knowingly or unknowingly from our childhood. Whether we take a stretch the actually is strengthening our spines or sitting on our toes or say the wind- relieving pose that actually boosts our digestive system. In-fact infants without their knowledge do yoga all day, their every moment has some yoga involved in it. Yoga can be many things to many people, this is why we are here to help you discover ‘your yoga, your way of life’.

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