Health Benefits of Zinc Uses, Side Effects & Dosage

Health Benefit of Zinc

Health Benefits of Zinc, Uses, Side Effects & Dosage

Zinc is a mineral found  thought   the body. It has various importance in the body. Some of the crucial roles of zinc are for the Growth and development of cells, for defense mechanisms in the body, and helps in the various metabolism processes of the body. It  There are some zinc foods which help us to maintain this mineral in our body.

Discovery of Zinc

The Romans used zinc even before its discovery as an element

Andar Marrgrf hin1746 discovered the element zinc. A French metallurgist, P. Morass de Repour in 1668 showed the extraction of metallic zinc from the compound zinc oxide.

Source, Requirements and Use of zinc


some of the best zinc food sources :

Oysters                                                                          (673%DV)

Beef                                                                                (64%DV)

Crab                                                                                (59%DV)

Beef patty                                                                      (48%DV)

Lobster                                                                          (31%DV)

Porkchop                                                                      (26%DV)

Baked beans                                                                (26%DV)

Breakfast cereal                                                         (25%DV)

Chicken                                                                       (22%DV)

Pumpkin seeds                                                         (20%DV)

yoghurt                                                                      (15%DV)

Cashews                                                                     (15%DV)

Chickpeas                                                                  (12%DV)

Cheese                                                                        (11%DV)

Oatmeal                                                                     (10%DV)

Milk                                                                            (9%DV)

Almonds                                                                    (8%DV)

Kidney beans                                                           (8%DV)

Chicken breast                                                         (8%DV)

Cheese                                                                       (8%DV)

Peas                                                                           (5%DV)

Flounder or sole                                                     (3%DV)

Requirements of zinc foods: (Adequate daily intake)

0–6 months:                                      2 mg

7–12 months:                                           3 mg

1–3 years:                                                  3 mg

4–8 years:                                                  5 mg

9–13 years:                                               8 mg

14–18 years:

Male                                                          11 mg

Female                                                      9 mg

Lactation:                                                 13mg

Pregnancy:                                               12mg

19years and over:

Male                                                           11 mg

Female                                                      8 mg

Lactation:                                                 12mg

Pregnancy:                                               11 mg

Use of zinc

Zinc has many vital roles in the body. zinc foods help in the Gene expression, for Wound healing, Growth and development, it is a part of Enzymatic reactions in the body, has a significant role in Immune function, also helps in protein synthesis and DNA synthesis. It also has a function of enzymes, these enzymes, in turn, have various roles in the body such as in metabolism, nerve function, digestion process and so on. It was also found that zinc helped in the treatment to prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). All these uses of zinc have proven the necessity of zinc in the body.

What Happens If zinc foods Are Consumed Too Much?

If zinc foods is consumed too much, it will have harmful effects on the body. One cause of consumption of excess zinc is through acidic  Haemochromatosis conditions cause high absorption of zinc into the body. Other problems such as acute kidney injury could be a result due to increased intake of zinc. The right amount is always necessary to balance the zinc levels.

Deficiency and symptoms related:

Deficiency of zinc has many problems in the body. Primary zinc deficiency has shown to slow down the wound healing process, risk of getting various diseases, tend to form acne in the skin. Some mild zinc deficiency symptoms are diarrhea, decreased immunity, thinning hair, decreased appetite, mood disturbances, dry skin. Severe Symptoms of zinc deficiency are impaired growth and development, behavioral issues, delayed chronic diarrhea, sexual maturity, skin rashes, and imparied wound healing.

Risk factors:

The risk factors for zinc deficiency are people who have gastrointestinal diseases like Crohn’s disease, Pregnant and breastfeeding women, Vegetarians and vegans, People who are malnourished and those with anorexia or bulimia, People with sickle cell anemia, people with chronic kidney disease, also for people who abuse alcohol, people with chronic liver or kidney disease.

What to take for a deficiency?

Insufficient dietary intake is the main reason for the deficiency.  There are several supplements available in the market that help to treat and prevent zinc deficiency.

Zinc Sulfate :

The direction of use:

It is also better to visit a physician before starting with this medication.

Contraindications and drug interaction:

Overdose and side effects:

Some of the side effects seen are Nausea, stomach upset, heartburn, Abdominal cramps, Headaches,Reduced immune function. Overdose effect seen was passing out, trouble breathing.

Zinc gluconate:

This medication is to treat a deficiency of zinc.

The direction of use:

Always consult your physician before using this medication.

Contraindications and drug interaction:

Avoid foods such as calcium or phosphorus while taking this medication. It has shown Drug interaction with Antibiotics, methyltestosterone, penicillamine(Carmine), and risedronate (Actonel).

Overdose and side effects:


Zinc has a lot of nutritional importance in the body. Deficiency of zinc  A well-balanced diet rich in zinc will be helpful. also, there are over the counter supplements available which can help to treat the deficiency.


Growth and development

Gene expression.

Zinc helps keep your immune system strong.

Zinc is a vital mineral that your body uses in countless ways.


Medication is usually taken 1 or 2 hours before a meal.

The right amount is always necessary to balance the zinc levels.