How to be healthy over the New Year party?

Finally, we are so close to the end of 2020. This year (2020) was a perfect blend of sweet and sour and no doubt most of us are very eager to say “GOODBYE 2020” like never before and celebrate the New Year’s Eve to the best we can.

On New Year’s Eve, which we celebrate every year on 31 December, we dance, sing, greet, watch or light fireworks and most importantly eat and drink.

Hey! But wait, 2020 has taught us the importance of immunity, and it will be unfair to forget the lesson, right? We need to keep ourselves healthy so that 2021 shall not be like 2020.

some healthy ways to celebrate the New Year’s Eve:

 Avoid crowded clubs:

The pandemic season is not over yet, so going to clubs should not be your plan A, especially when it is crowded. You can go to clubs which have a limited number of people.


Host party at home:

Hosting party at home is a better alternative than going outside. But do not forget to keep the number of people limited again. You should pamper your guests with good care.  Ensure that proper sanitation has not missed your attention.


List of invitees:

Note down the names of all guests whom you invited along with their contact number. May God forbid, if any of your guests are found CoVid positive, it will be easier to trace them all if you have their information. Do not forget to keep the number of invites limited. Safety is more important than fun.


Face masks:

Nothing is more important than a face mask in this New Year’s Eve celebration. It might not fit with the costume, but you can wear designed masks. Let’s see whose cover matches the dress the most. Also, keep stock of shows if you are the host.


Own sanitiser:

If you are going to celebrate your new year’s eve at your friend’s house, please do not forget to carry your sanitiser. However, it is the host’s responsibility also to provide you with all safety measures.


Healthy drinks:

We have had enough soda drinks in every New Year’s Eve celebration. Why not try fruit juice at this New Year’s Eve party? It will play a vital role in your body. Serve it to your friends and family and let them enjoy the healthy drink.


Dance at home:

It is always said that dancing is the best exercise. So this New Year’s Eve why don’t you go to a dancing competition among your friends and family at your home itself? It will boost your energy and help you burn your calories.


Bake a cake:

We prefer to eat cakes from a bakery store. No doubt your favourite bakery store bakes in all hygienic conditions, it will be much better if you bake a cake at home along with your partner.


Avoid ordering food online:

Like the cake, you don’t know what condition the food is cooked, that you order. It is not the time to test your immunity by having those foods. Instead, cook at home because you don’t need to be afraid of homemade. Cooking along with your family will help in building your bond stronger. “Family always and forever.”


Healthy snacks:

Snacks tempt each one of us, and there is no difference in the temptation for snacks of a kid and a grown-up. If you are looking for a healthy New Year’s Eve party, then avoid these oily and unhealthy snacks at first. Try for something beneficial like salads. It will be challenging to cope with the taste, but the results won’t upset you.


Keep yourself hydrated:

Often during celebrations or parties, we forget to keep ourselves hydrated. We usually drink less water on functions but do not miss the point that water holds equal importance for our body like other nutrients. So drink water and keep yourself hydrated. Water is necessary, no matter how healthy you eat.


Social distancing:

If you are hosting the New Year’s Eve party at home or plan to go out, social distancing is among those crucial guidelines you ought to follow. You can even request your guests for social distancing; there is nothing to be shy about saying this. Also, try to avoid hugging or handshakes. It may increase the chance of spreading infections.


Say no to smoking/ alcohol:

The deadly effects of smoking and consuming alcohol are not hidden from anybody. It would not have missed the sight when one buys a pack of cigarettes. Our lungs need to be the strongest these days to dig a pit for us by the intake of tobacco or alcohol. Make your New Year’s Eve party be the healthiest of all.


Plant a tree:

Planting a tree might not make much sense, especially at a New Year’s Eve party. But why not try something different? After all, the theme of this new year’s eve party is a healthy party. Planting a tree will not only supply you O2, which is needed the most for our survival but can also serve as a memento.


Donate something for the poor

According to WHO, Health is the physical, social and mental well being of a person. Helping the poor or the orphans will reflect your gregarious nature. Moreover, helping them will make you feel proud that you did something good for others. It is a source of happiness to you, and a happy body is a healthy body.


Firm resolution:

Preparing today for tomorrow is one of the best things to do. One such best thing you can do is make a firm resolution this New Year’s Eve for the upcoming. Please do not forget to keep yourself healthy every day in your resolution plan. After all, Health is wealth.

So now that you know most of the healthy ways to celebrate your New Year’s Eve, nothing can dare your immunity if you follow all these. Hope this New Year’s Eve and the entire upcoming year be in the list of your best years.

Stay healthy, stay safe! I wish you a delighted new year.