keep your mind in control with yoga

10 ways to keep your mind in control with yoga

These days stress it is like the oxygen we breathe. It’s everywhere, and everyone has it, be it a child or a 60-year-old. The difference is in the way that everyone deals with it.

The next time you feel heavy and stressed out, take out your Yoga mat and perform your favorite yoga poses. Yoga poses are known to provide peace to your mind and body. On a stressful long day, Yoga poses are the best remedy for your body.

Yoga poses mentioned in this article improves your physique as well as a mental state.


Prasarita Padottanasana

Prasarita Padottanasana

Prasarita Podattanasana is also known as the Wide-Legged Forward Bend pose.

This Asana targets the muscles. It is useful in stretching the muscles of your back, calves and hamstrings.

Procedure :

  • Stand up on the ground with your feet stretched out wide apart from each other.
  • Next, slowly turn your toes out.
  • Bend in the forward direction while keeping your hips still.
  • Try to put your hands on the mat. Your hands should be positioned directly under your shoulders.
  • Slowly release yourself and bed forward in the standing position.

Utthan Pristhasana



The other name for Utthan Pristhasana is the Lizard Pose. Just like other Yoga poses, it helps in bringing peace to your mind.

In a similar way to the other Yoga poses, this too stretches the muscles of your body. This Asana targets down the shoulder and chest muscles.

Procedure :

  • Get on the downward-facing dog pose. In easier words, imitate the dog pose.
  • Start by stepping your right foot in the forward direction. While doing this, drop your left knee on the floor so that a deep lunge is created.
  • Make sure to keep your feet far away so that your right foot is flat on the ground.

Find yourself a comfortable position, and then hold yourself in the same position for at least 20 deep breaths. Once you have completed the first round, do the same thing with alternative sides.


Salamba Bhujangasana

Salamba Bhujangasana

This Asana is sometimes referred to as the Sphinx Pose.

It helps in stretching the abdominal and chest muscles. It strengthens the shoulders as well as the spine.

Procedure :

  • Lie flat on the Yoga mat. Your stomach should be on the ground.
  • Your elbows should be right under your shoulders.
  • Start by lifting your chest.
  • Put your shoulders down. Next, press your forearms in the downward direction as well.
  • Keep your gaze in front and slowly drop your chin.

Setu Bandhasana Sarvangasana

Setu Bandhasana

The other name for this yoga is Supported Bridge Pose. This name is quite more common.

Unlike other Yoga poses, this Asana stretches the entire front side of your body. Along with this, it also helps in strengthening your back.

Procedure :

  • Lie down flat on your back on a Yoga mat.
  • Spread out your feet wide apart on the ground.
  • Press your feet down and lift your hips.
  • Grab a Yoga block and turn it to its highest point. Slide the yoga block under your hips.
  • Make sure that your body feels comfortable and supported.
  • Allow your arms to rest on the ground on either side of your body. Your palms should face in the upward direction.

To make this pose harder and effective, lift your arms over your head and then rest them next to your ears.




Uttanasana or the  Forward Fold Pose helps in stretching your calves and hamstrings.

This pose is helpful in releasing the tension in your head, neck or shoulders.

Procedure :

  • Stand up still and tall. Spread your feet wide apart. Both your feet should be at a hips-width distance from each other.
  • Next, fold your knees in the forward direction. Keep your hands in the opposite way to that of your elbows. Your arms, head and neck would feel heavy, which is totally normal.
  • Release all the tension in your lower back.
  • Continue with softening your knees. Then, shift your weight towards your front and stand back on your feet.

Supta Baddha Konasana

Supta Baddha Konasana

Another name for this Yoga Asana is Reclining Bound Angle Pose.

This Asana stretches your hips and inner thighs. Along with this, it also helps in soothing down your entire body.

Procedure :

  • Start by lying down flat on your flat over the yoga mat.
  • Bring your feet closer. Make sure that your feet touch each other.
  • Put one of your hands on your heart and the other on your belly. Close your eyes alongside this.

You can also make this pose harder by putting your arms over your head. Let your right palm rest over your left hand. Breathe deeply while doing this.


Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani is performed by putting your legs up on a wall.

You would need a Yoga block for performing this pose. This Asana stretches your legs and your back. Along with its physical effects, it also calms down your body as well as mind.

Procedure :

  • Place the Yoga block right under your tailbone. The block should be horizontally placed.
  • Rest the weight of your whole body on the Yoga block.
  • Start by extending your legs up in the sky. Next, close your eyes.

If you want to make this position harder, then do the same pose alongside a wall. Put your legs up on the wall and let your arms rest on the sides of your body. Make sure that your palms should face downwards.



Savasana In Yoga

Savasana or the Corpse Pose is exactly what it sounds. This pose is just about simply lying down on the ground like a corpse.

This pose relaxes your body and mind in a way no other Yoga poses could.

Procedure :

  • Lie down on your back over a yoga mat.
  • Gently open your feet. Your arms should face upwards.
  • Let your shoulders rest. Roll your shoulders down your back.
  • Close your eyes and relax.

Perform breathing exercises

Perform breathing exercises

Breathing exercises do miracles to your mind as well as your body. When it comes to calming yourself down, breathing exercises are the best.

Start by performing a few rounds of breathing exercises such as Kapalbhaati, Bhastrika, or Nadi Shodhan pranayama. Breathing exercises are also known as pranayama.

After performing this regularly, you would see the difference in yourself.

Breathing exercises revolve around the fact that fewer thoughts revolve in your mind when you close your eyes. Sometimes the toxic thoughts even disappear. Pranayama helps in keeping your mind more focused, which eventually helps in executing work faster.


Step into meditation

Step into meditation

After performing a few breathing exercises, your mind would be in a stable condition. The next step would be clearing your mind from all the rubbish thoughts.

Meditation is just the process of focusing your mind on something and pushing yourself away from the heavy thoughts in your head. Meditation is not possible with force or effort, and it should happen naturally. If you feel like you are forcing your mind, then it indicates that you are not doing it the right way.

The process of meditation doesn’t actually matter. The thing that matters is how calm you feel after performing it.

Your mind should be peaceful, and you should feel light. Your mind will have more control of things happening around you.

 Summing up

This yoga poses combined with breathing exercises and meditation would be the best remedy for you.

These will help you in switching the troubled state of your mind into a  blissful state.

While performing these, your mind doesn’t shut down or stop working. It only stops revolving around toxic and useless thoughts.

Letting you be 100 percent at the moment and enjoying it completely.