Why is vitamin C useful for our body?

Know about Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a vital vitamin which is found in various fruits and vegetables. It boosts metabolism. Some experts suggest taking 200 mg of vitamin daily isn’t harmful, this dose is likely safe. It helps in promoting healthy skin cells. If you suffer from dry skin, it is a great help, it maintains healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage. It helps with wound healing. And It is a strong antioxidant and lowers the blood pressure as well as It keeps your cartilage, bones, and teeth healthy.

Brief History

Vitamin C, known as ascorbic acid, is a vitamin which has many roles in the body. It has been used in prevention and treatment of scurvy. Albert Szent-Györgyi isolated a substance from adrenal glands that he named as ‘hexuronic acid’. Charles Glen King isolated vitamin C in his laboratory after four years. He further said that it was the same as ‘hexuronic acid’. In 1933, Norman Haworth deduced the chemical structure of it.

Main Function Of  Vitamin C In Human Body

Since 1970, it has been known that a high dose of it has beneficial effects on the survival time in patients with terminal cancer, which was reported by Cameron, Campbell, and Pauling. Research is undergoing in detail for using this in cancer treatments. It is also found that Vitamin C may help in decreasing the blood pressure in the body.

An animal study conducted found out that taking vitamin C, had  caused relaxation of the blood vessels(especially the blood vessels that  carry blood from the heart) , thus decreasing hypertension. Its supplements have been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease.

Minimum Requirement Of Vitamin C Needed By Human Body [Age Wise]

The daily intake of it in the body is recommended according to the age and gender of a person.

LIFE STAGE                                                                REQUIRED QUANTITY

1] Birth to 6 months                                                                   40mg

2] 7 to 12 months                                                                       50mg

3] Children 1-3 years                                                                 15mg

4] 4-8 years                                                                                  25mg

5] 9-13 years                                                                                45mg

6] Teenagers 14-18 years                                                          65-75mg

7] Adults                                                                                       75-90mg

8] Pregnant teenagers and women                                         80-85mg

9] Breastfeeding teenagers and women                                 115-120mg

Vitamin C Sources

It is a water-soluble vitamin. It comes under essential vitamins. Essential vitamins are vitamins that are not produced in the body and have to be taken into the body through food sources. It is required for normal growth and development of the body. Vitamin C is a popular household remedy for the common cold. It improves the immune system in the body. Some rich sources are-

  • Guavas– 140%DV
  • Sweet Yellow Peppers- 152%DV
  • Blackcurrant- 112%DV
  • Kakadu Plum- 530% DV
  • Acerola Cherries- 913%DV
  • Rose Hips- 132%DV
  • Green Chili Peppers- 121% DV
  • Mustard Spinach- 130%DV
  • Broccoli- 57%DV
  • Lemon- 72%DV
  • Brussels Sprouts- 54%DV
  • Papayas- 97%DV
  • Kiwis- 79%DV

Deficiency Of Vitamin C

Malnutrition, a condition where a person tends to grow weak due to lack of healthy food habits. This can also be the cause of vitamin c deficiency in the body. The reasons for poor food choices include:

Alcohol or drug abuse,

Eating disorders,

Food fads,

Mental illness


The symptoms of scurvy develop after a few months of deficiency as a result the hair becomes dry, brittle, and coiled (like a corkscrew), and the skin becomes dry, rough, and scaly. Fluid may accumulate in the legs. The gums become swollen, purple, and spongy. The teeth eventually loosen. Adults feel tired, weak, and irritable if their diet is low in vitamin C. They may lose weight and have vague muscle and joint aches.

 Excessive consumption of alcohol or use of illegal drugs can cause Vitamin C deficiency.  Anemia may develop. Infections may develop, and wounds do not heal. Infants may be having pain when they move, irritable, and lose their appetite. Infants do not gain weight as they normally do infants and children, bone growth is impaired and bleeding and anemia may occur.

Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms

There are some common signs of deficiency which you need to address as soon as possible:

Pain In The Muscle

It’s one of the problems in the human body which we need to find out due to it.

Effect On Entire Body

Fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, or malaise, bleeding gums or tooth loss as well as rashes or red spots on the skin are due to the deficiency of Vitamin C.

There are some common signs which can be seen as a result of this lack: bruising coiled hair, failure to thrive, irritability, corkscrew-shaped body hair muscle weakness, swollen gums and weight loss.

Vitamin C Tablets Precautions And Details

The intake of a large dose of it affects the sugar level of a diabetic patient not only but also affects stool tests done.  Vitamin C (500mg) is a chewable tablet and It is used for people who are vitamin c deficient and allergies can also be caused due to the excipients used in the medication as a result if side effects persist then immediately contact your doctor as well as If the medication is bought over the counter don’t forget to check carefully the label and the ingredients present in it.

Overdose Precautions

Consult a doctor or visit the nearest hospital if you experience severe pain. Vitamin C limit per day is 2,000mg for adults. The cause of taking vitamin C higher than the higher than the daily limit may not be life-threatening, but you may experience side effects like:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Sleeping problems
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

Possible Side Effects

The formulation in supplements might be higher and can cause undesirable side effects in the body such as. Some of this side effects include-

1] Chills, fever, increased urge to urinate, painful or difficult urination; or

2] Severe pain in your side or lower back, blood in your urine.

3] Head burn

4] Stomach cramps

5] May cause digestive problems

6] Taking supplements in high doses may lead to kidney stones.


The supplements of it come in various dosage forms furthermore for better absorption choose supplements with ascorbic acid in it. Dose of tablet per day is 1–2 grams.


It is considered to boost the immune system and plays a vital role in the body functioning. It was also found that vitamin c helped to cure infection but not as much as other medications. The recommended daily intake for vitamin c depends on the factor such as age and gender. It is also found that vitamin C may help reduce uric acid in the blood and prevent gout. Today, it has been used as an immune booster and remedy for common cold.