Prevention & Treatment for HIV


HIV is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system; if not treated, it can lead to AIDS. Worst, most common ones with already “deeply rooted”, a bad reputation for taking lives, are all types of cancer(mostly stomach and lung cancer) and HIV.

Even now, there aren’t any proper medications for curing those illnesses. One of these diseases tends to lead to another one, like when a patient is infected with HIV, his immune system is getting weaker, and there is a big chance that a compromised immune system will lead to the development of a major disease.

But to understand it completely, the “mutual bond” with cancer, ways of dealing with it, preventing it or even curing it, we first need to understand what is HIV and it’s the way of affecting the human host.

Understanding of HIV

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) are the types of retroviruses which infect T-cell helpers, such as macrophages, to the point of their deterioration. When there are no more macrophages left, or if they are in low numbers, the body of an infected is more prone to various other diseases and infections. HIV goes forward through the human body, which is by now, weakened with dead macrophages.

The immune system is no more left to protect. After that, the infected person can easily get a common cold and die because his/her immune system can’t develop antigen against the common cold. That is why HIV is so dangerous, and there is no official cure for it still because it “makes your immune system fight against itself”. Since HIV “lives and feeds itself” in blood, HIV spreads through the body by bodily fluids, mainly the blood itself.

Short History of  a HIV

It is believed by scientists, doctors and zoologists that the human immunodeficiency virus came and developed from primitive animals and primate-only much weaker viruses.

It is believed that HIV “jumped” from a monkey onto humans in the early beginning of 1910 in Africa. The main reason behind that was the poachers, animal hunters and eating of an infectious monkey’s meat by some native African tribes. But there is no physical proof for that claim.

The first, physical cases of AIDS(a disease which is caused by HIV)are mentioned in the early 80s in the USA, but in Norway, it was found in the middle of the 60s. At an initial thought and out of fright, it was believed that HIV was “only homosexual” and needle addict disease. Until a year after it’s appearance, it was established that it was not the case.

Prevention, Treatment for HIV

Prevention of HIV exists, and that is probably the safest, common and obvious way. That is, of course, abstinence. With self-abstinence(sexual and drug-injection based), there is a 0% chance of contracting and spreading HIV, since there is no sharing of bodily fluids anywhere.

Treatments for HIV also exist, but not for the disease itself, only for the symptoms and AIDS. There are some Retroviral medicine, such as Rescriptor, Pifeltro and Sustiva. These all used for treating symptoms of HIV, such as:

  • swollen lymph nodes,
  • physical weakness
  • physical pain

Also,the virus replicating in the body could be stopy by HIV medications . This allows the immune system to repair itself(to some degree) and prevent further damage. Changing the combination of retroviral medicine regularly is the only flew because HIV adapts quickly and becomes resistant in time to some specific.

On the other hand, some retroviral medication has a negative side effect, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Heart diseases
  • Weakened bones or bone loss
  • High blood sugar
  • Abnormal cholesterol levels

But that is a “small price to pay”, considering that on the other hand, an infected person can develop AIDS or some other type of infection, and die. Doctors will always tell their HIV positive patients to take the necessary medication and consume it regularly since they will prolong an infected person’s life.

Some Intresting Facts about it:

A great fact, retroviral medicine could help in treatment than some patients would never develop AIDS. The discovery done in the year 2016 experiment, that consuming several retroviral medications leads to a great loss of viral load(HIV numbers in the blood, infected), thus making the infected person less infective.

If someone comes in contact of infected person, they will also going to catch this virus. The name of treatment is post-exposure prophylaxis. It stops the infection in the early stages.

Also, people need to keep in mind that mentioned medication only works on active, diagnosed cases of HIV, not on the acute HIV infection. Discovery and investigation of Acute HIV infection done in the year of 2010 . It was established that people with acute HIV infection are highly contagious but are not in need to receive any form of treatment.

The symptoms are like common cold and are not life-threatening. The human body will eventually, mostly around the fourth week of infection, start to produce the antigen to fight off acute HIV. Doctors always suggest self-abstinence as the most efficient way of prevention of any form of HIV.


  • Use of protective barriers such as gowns/aprons, gloves, protective eyewear and masks
  • Washing hands frequently
  • Sterilize and clean equipment before reusing
  • Use condoms
  • Avoid Illegal drugs, needles or syringes are a root cause of HIV
  • Wash hands after having contact with inanimate objects
  • Avoid wearing artificial fingernails or extenders; it causes infection.


To conclude, taking HIV treatment therapy is a great way to live a longer life. Unfortunately, there is still no cure for HIV but near future there will be a treatment for HIV possibly. Until then, it is on positive patients to take their “cocktail of drugs” regularly to prolong their lives. It is always not easy to deal with every type of disease. One day we all will get over it.