Red Chilly Natural Remedy for Heart

Red Chilly Natural Remedy for Heart

Is Cayenne Pepper/ Red Chilly a Natural remedy fighting Heart disease?

Natural remedies like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and raw honey have immense potential to fight chronic illnesses but one important and new natural remedy to join the list was Cayenne pepper. It has so many remarkable benefits and not only has it had the ability to fight chronic diseases but also help in times of acute health conditions.

Cayenne Pepper/ Red Chilly fights Heart ailments:

Plaque that is piled up in the walls of arteries and narrows the arteries and make it extremely impossible for the free flow of blood. In this process, there is a high chance of stroke or heart attack. This illness is the major cause of deaths across the globe. Coronary heart disease treatments are pretty expensive and here we might understand how much expenses we can relieve by putting into use natural remedies like Cayenne pepper. For problems like, circulatory and cardiovascular and also for chronic joint issues and pains old- style treatments can help. An active compound, capsaicin gives a kind of heat like sensation that aids in widening of blood vessels and increased circulation which assists the circulatory system and heart to function more ably.

Experts cite the cayenne pepper or red chilly arouses a strong response in the body due to which it is highly recommended its usage in critical conditions like a heart attack. Many clinical scientific studies are conducted to back the benefits of cayenne pepper as a measure to heart attack conditions. Even laboratory examinations conducted show, when mice were induced to have a heart attack, capsaicin was rubbed on its back. It was found to prevent the damage to the heart, with a reduction in cardiac cell death of about 85%.

The other important compounds of Cayenne pepper leads to lots of benefits. The spice has plant nutrients such as carotenoids, antioxidants which reduce LDL cholesterol and blood triglycerides. Apart from widening the blood vessels for good circulation, cayenne also dampens platelet linkage, which is the clattering of blood that leads to clots so dangerous.

It may look a little weird about the ability of cayenne pepper to stop a heart attack, holistic practitioners report to have found themselves in an emergency, say that drinking a cup of hot water with half to one tsp of cayenne pepper can stop internal bleeding and damage to theheart within a minute of drinking it.

Cayenne Pepper can prevent Strokes

The most common leading causes of death in our society include stroke and some other cardiovascular ailments. In this point, we are referring to conditions involving to blood circulation within the brain. As discussed earlier in the article that cayenne pepper aids in preventing blood clots that are very dangerous and actually improves circulation of blood, preventing internal hemorrhage. Strokes actually occur due to insufficient fresh blood to brain tissues. Cayenne pepper rejuvenates mucus membranes and blood vessels to help dissolve the clots, thus preventing any further damage.

Conventionally Trained physicians Different viewpoint

While, we are understanding certain theories, conventionally trained physicians differ to this viewpoint and warn about lack of substantial evidence to justify that Cayenne pepper can be used as a natural remedy in times of emergency or stroke treatment. They assert that there is a danger in administering cayenne to a patient affected by stroke or heart attack. Experts believe that its use under critical conditions can lead to bleeding which at times is uncontrollable and if the person is on blood thinners, it can be fatal. Addition to this crucial aspect, the pain of consuming an untried dose of heart pepper could cause adrenaline release, therebyraising the heart rate while reducing blood flow to the brain causing quick tissue deaths. Damage to tissues from sudden return of blood and oxygen could also happen, these may be called as Reperfusion injuries. Experts also note that liquid form of cayenne extract administration can let the patient lose consciousness which in itself is very dangerous. Any such administration needs doctor’s strong advice.

Other Benefits of Cayenne Pepper and its safe use

Capsaicin which is abundant in Cayenne peppers have a history of usage in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine and apart from this modern generation healers, suggest capsaicin good for circulatory and digestive problems. It is heard that using capsaicin can block sensations of pain and reports indicate patients also benefitted applying the capsaicin cream for issues like joint pains, lower back pain, Shingles, and arthritis. Some other studies report it to be curing breast cancer, bladder, prostate and oral cancers as well. Cayenne pepper works to slowing down the growth of cancer cells altogether.

Safe way to use Cayenne Pepper

 Cayenne pepper or red chili can be eaten cooked or raw, we can also add in stir fry curries which are spicy like tomato stir fry with peppers, green beans, and garlic. Always best eating fresh, raw, and organic and whole that are bright red and are in one piece and not having cuts or mold on it. They should be washed well. Wearing gloves if you are sensitive to their irritating abilities and best is to avoid touching your eyes after handling them.

Apart from helping from strokes or heart attacks, there are some theories suggesting that it also help in preventing cancers and diabetes. One can always try using this spice in wide variety of curries and other food stuff we cook on daily basis, it adds taste and spice to the food and also has benefits like fighting free radical damage, improve antioxidants, improve circulation of blood, helps in gaining important nutrients such as vitamin A, B, and C, Calcium and Potassium.

Eating too much of cayenne pepper can give stomach pain if consumed with food at times can cause allergic reactions. One must talk to a physician who is of holistic mindset if unsure of consumption. It is always better to do things with knowledge of them. How much ever it may be benefiting to aiding at the time of heart attack, it surely does not replace medical assistance in the event of heart attack!!

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